Our Underground Essentials

This page is reserved for the artists and bands we don’t think get the recognition they deserve, flying under the radar of tastemakers and the big time publications, but who are nonetheless kicking it to their own tune. These are the artists we love. The ones we think deserve more love. They may be new, trying to claw their way up, or lost in annals of time, overtaken by the popularity of their greaters, but we’ve found them somehow and have been spinning them since.

They’re the ones that make us excited when they release something new, when they appear on a blog or in a publication, just because we’re happy they got the exposure. They’re the ones we pay for on faith alone. They’re the ones we gush about to our friends, the ones we want our friends to gush about to their friends. They’re the ones we listen to when everything else is worn out and nothing new gets us excited.

It’s the highest honor we can bestow on a group as their whole work is considered.
It’s a short list.
It’s the essentials.




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