Middleclasswhitenoise.com is just some college kids from Ohio writing about whatever comes to their heads–mainly music.

That said, it’s not a blog specifically about new releases in the music scene or the latest news or anything like that. Instead, it is focused around whatever we may come across, be it old or new, notable or obscure. This isn’t necessarily meant to be a blog about the newest or coolest buzz bands or in-depth examinations on the state of music or anything like that, though we certainly wouldn’t shy away from those types of conversations should they arise or seem appropriate. We love to listen to a huge range of music, so the relative ‘tastes’ of the site may be seemingly inconsistent. However, we won’t post anything we don’t consider to be quality work. We will stand behind each and every piece of content that we put up.

In a shorter word, this blog is merely our exploration of the field of music from our very limited viewpoints.

We humbly acknowledge that others do it better.

Any music that is posted here is for sampling purposes only. If you like anything you see here, please support the artist and buy it.

If you represent an artist on the site and would like to have a song removed, email me at middleclasswhitenoise@gmail.com and I’d be happy to take it down.

That same email can be used to send me any music you want me to hear. My ears are open, and I love suggestions.