Rachel Goodrich – Light Bulb (Awesome New Republic Remix)

Rachel Goodrich makes some damned sunshiney pop music.  Her self-titled debut dropped in February and would be perfect for the sun and green of spring, so if you haven’t already checked it out head over to her bandcamp and give it a whirl.

Bombastic happy pop that’s fairly self-indulgent is pretty firmly in the realm of mainstream ’80’s music, so it’s fairly appropriate that Awesome New Republic’s remix of “Light Bulb” is heavily reminiscent of that era. While I can’t say I’m a fan of the ’80’s, sometimes the synth-heavy, processed sound is perfect for that ridiculously happy feeling. Considering the original is much more hokey and vaudeville sounding, it’s surprising that it actually works. Then you think about it a bit and realize that ’80’s were about as ridiculous as vaudeville and it all works.

Rachel Goodrich – Light Bulb (ANR Remix)

{via RCRDLBL, download there}

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