We got an email a couple days ago, from a 5 piece soul/rock band who goes by the name of Musaic. The band is located out of Brooklyn and brings to the table a great singer. The band seemed to come together in an unusual way, as they say on their website, they “began as a typical New York City five degrees of separation.” Ben Kogan, the groups bassist, began piecing together the band after hearing Jermaine Hardy, the lead singer, at a concert in NYC. They then brought on the remaining three members, Danny Wolf (drummer), David Melton (keys), and David Linaburg (guitarist), to create the talented up-and-coming band.

Jermaine can sing. And the band behind him can play. If you took John Legend and had him record back in Motown era, you would get the sound Musaic brings. While having an older feel to them, Musaic does bring around a pretty original idea, not many R&B artist actually record as an R&B band. You might see an artist bring a band with them to the show but when it comes to recording, usually its just them in the booth while the beat is already produced for them to sing over. If you want to hear their music, they have released an album called Musaic and their website has videos from performances and some covers they’ve done. They are definitely worth the listen. Hopefully they come through Ohio for a show.

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