Apples to Earth

As a front note, I’m not sure what the rules are regarding “blogger credit,” but I found this one from fellow Columbus music lovers The Music Sprawl, one of my loved blogs. Be sure to check them and follow them, they deserve it.

“Smokey” is a term I apply to music that I like often. Akin to the similarly over-used and probably-vague “late-night,” it carries more of a feeling for me than a particular sound. It’s the kind of music I’d expect to hear in a situation like that of our header, Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks.” The kind of music that captures the mood of a late night ending, a smokey bar with a few patrons and a light tinkering of music. Everything calm from the craziness of before. It’s not an image I can relate to any particular instance in my life, but it’s a powerful one that’s served as a grounding for much of the music I love. Apples to Earth are another band that hits the nail on the head of this feeling.

Apples to Earth seems to be a fairly small outfit. I had to find their information on their Facebook page, though they’re thankfully pretty thorough–though there were no good pictures to speak of. The project of duo Darren Emanuel and Scott Garden, Apples to Earth was “an experiment in making organic analog and non-electronic music using electronic production methods.

This wildly successful work method produces some great sounds. From punchy, “crusty” drums to layers of guitar and synth, the whole project is just thick. Drawing influences from jazz, trip-hop (think Cinematic Orchestra with UNKLE) and even shoegaze, these guys achieve music that serves as another perfect addition to my “late-night” collection.

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