[Videos] Ben Sollee – Hurting/Embrace

Embarassingly, I wasn’t aware that Ben Sollee was even recording a new album. And I’m a huge fan of his–he did, after all, write my favorite song of last year. I mean, it’s one of those things were you assume it’s happening even though you haven’t heard any definitive facts on the subject–but that it’d be out in a month and change? I had no idea. Thankfully, it’s a welcome, happy little surprise. Inclusions, Sollee’s first solo bent since his 2007 debut Learning to Bend, is coming out May 10th.

I’m not sure when the video for “Embrace” was released, though it’s upload date on Vimeo is 24 days ago. It’s a gorgeous, slow song built primarily on Sollee’s easy voice and long, drawn out cello strums and about the regrets of youth. “Hurting” was released today via My Old Kentucky Blog and features a more familiar plucked cello from Sollee. His ability to write straightforward-but-poignant lyrics continues on this one.



This is an album I’ll be picking up for sure based on the strength of his previous work alone. These two tracks only help push that sentiment. Sollee’s also hitting Cincinnati on June 5th. I’m going to try my damnedest to go, but it lands just before my finals week. We’ll have to see.


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