Fishing – OOOO

Last night I spent 5 hours with some strangers exchanging music and chatting. It was the best music-sharing experience I’d ever had on the internet. It also resulted in me sleeping through my class today. Worth it. The sheer wealth of new music I heard from Jess, Dante, Martin, and Greg was enough to make any music fan overload with happiness. This was all made possible by mumuplayer. It’s an experience I wholly recommend anyone who loves music have.

One of my favorite tracks (and believe me there were a lot of great ones) was this one. I can’t say much about it because of the circumstances under which I found it. From some light research, they’re an outfit from Sydney made up of Russell Fitzgibbon and Doug Wright and they were featured on Pitchfork almost 9 months ago. It seems I’m behind the times. So, while it’s probably old-hat to Forkheads, I’m betting it’s new for everyone else. Or maybe I’m just late on it.

But it’s all too fitting of the sunshiney bent we’re taking at MCWN today and too good not to post. The track screams “Beach!” and is beautifully uplifting and, well, happy. It reminds particularly of Pogo without the vocal samples and a stronger beat. Depending on where you live, today might be a dreary overcast day or the sky might be a cloudless blue, but put this on and you’ll be transported to a dance party in the clouds.

Check out their myspace for more tracks.

OOOO {download} (rightclick>saveas…)

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