King Charles – Love Lust

This is going to be a fairly short post if only because I don’t know anything about this band/person and the track really needs no explanation. Honestly, just listen to it and a smile will probably creep across your face. As it turns out, this song is actually pretty popular on hypemachine, so I’m probably pretty late to the party (I actually am wary of posting it for that very reason). It’s got two parts, the infectious beginning based around the melody of the circular phrase:

“Never let a woman go even when you know
she can always be replaced
she can always be replaced

Oh lust only grows like anger and revenge
Oh beauty comes and goes
but love stays until the end”

The melody is wonderfully infectious and hard not to sing along with. It’s a great, uplifting message. The second half changes up the song entirely, creating a blitzkrieg of sound. And then before you know it, the song’s over. All too soon.

King Charles – Love Lust {download} (rightclick>saveas..)

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