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In the middle of my twitter tirade a few nights ago, the question came up a few times of what my favorite blogs were. Truth be told, I visit blogs pretty sporadically, so I don’t really see every update from every day from the blogs I like. Of course, I just discovered Google Reader, so that’s actually changed.

Anyway, I couldn’t really answer the question of what my favorite blogs were. I find music from so many sources that I have a bad habit of forgetting my sources. These blogs I’ve kept in my memory, an accomplishment in and of itself and I can credit with some great music finds.  As a caveat, not all the blogs I visit are up here and they’re only my personal tastes and don’t necessarily reflect that of the other contributors.

We Listen For You

I feel like I mention this site at least once a week. My personal favorite of the “big-timers,” We Listen For You’s greatest asset is that they don’t shy away from their opinions at all. Yesterday’s review of King of Limbs is proof enough of this point. Frank, honest, great writers with great taste, We Listen For You is the blog I most look up to for quality. Also, be sure to check out their twitter, @WeListenForYou for a whole lot more entertaining insights, rants and sarcastic quips.


malleus&incus is run out of Princeton, reason enough to expect a certain intelligence in their output. They pull through on that, offering up great writing and insights with their awesomely eclectic music choice. This is one of the only blogs that’s just as great a read as it is a source of music. Their site’s design is excellent as well, with big pictures to look at when you finish reading. They don’t update as much as they’d probably like but the quality of their output is so high, it’s hard to complain.


This Boston blog is one that I checked sporadically before Google Reader. The damned thing about it was that every time I did, I’d have to go through every one of their posts until I hit where I was last to make sure I heard everything they posted. I’ve stolen a lot of finds from them over the months and for good reason. Most recently I was gonna cop the video of “Bugs” by O’Death, but instead I’ll point you in the right direction so I don’t have to do the work.


ISO50 isn’t strictly a music blog, they’ll also turn you on to some great design. I found them through the music of Tycho and they have a tendency to post great electronic music. Their taste is a lot different from most of the other music blogs so they’re a pretty great palette-expander.

And Pluck Your Strings

Middleclasswhitenoise has a surprising Australia audience and I believe it’s largely due to this site being kind enough to feature us early on in our beginnings. It’s awesome to read about music in a whole other part of the world and how they overlap our tastes here, and And Pluck Your Strings is perfect for that. Lachy has great taste and does excellent writeups about everything under the sun–from gig reviews to his great 30 Day Song challenge (which I think we might just have to do here). Look through this one for a bit and I’m sure you’ll find something totally new.

The Music Sprawl

Something of a “sister site” to us, the Music Sprawl is run by some fellow music lovers we know here in Columbus. Alex, Andy, and Grant just started this one up and it’s still got that fresh new blog smell. These guys seriously love music and their writeups are long and thorough, a great thing considering the usual “post and forget” culture you see around a lot. The guys also avoid the “buzz” culture–a lot of their posts have been about cool old things. Two of my favorite posts, one in defense of Viva La Vida and the other a Radiohead secret album I’d never heard of, are far from anything you’d see on the major blogs. These guys are still new and will hopefully do nothing but grow.

Listen Before You Buy

Oh man, the sheer wealth of content on this site is insane. I don’t know if  I can say I’ve ever been able to keep up with it. I’m not sure if the sitemaster Frank has any sort of job or ever goes outside, but I’m all the happier for it. Listen Before You Buy is just a little older than us, but it’s clear that it’s become one of the “big-timers” of the music blog world and with good reason. Follow this blog for a week and you’ll find something to fall in love with.

Natural Beardy

Natural Beardy, formerly The Pursuit of Folk, is a blog dedicated to folk. I love folk music, but I can’t say I know a whole lot about it. Modern folk is a bit of an undercovered genre, save the big ones like The Tallest Man on Earth. Thankfully, Natural Beardy covers a whole bunch of newer stuff that’d normally go under the radar. An essential for fans of the sweet, acoustic sounds.

These are actually just a few of the blogs I hit consistently. There are others worth a shoutout–in particular I just found Bears Eat Beats and Tympanogram and they’ve been nothing but great (I’d feature ’em, but I’ve only known about them a few days)–but these are the bigs ones I want to focus on. If you find a post on here and we credit it to another site, make sure to check that site out. Chances are they’ve got some great stuff.




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