Take It Back Tuesdays: Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

This week’s edition of Take It Back Tuesday features Norah Jones debut Come Away With Me. This album is arguably one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the last decade. I’ve given my opinion of the Grammy Awards, but this album helped her achieve 8 in one year. Impressive to say the least. It’s hard to pinpoint what specific genre she is, so I’m going to say she’s jazz folk. That said, I present my opinion of Come Away With Me.

1) Don’t Know Why: Leading single. Most popular. Never gets old. Everything from her soft voice to the light drum pattern to the melodic piano in between her verses mesh so well together. Funny, that this song is a cover.

2) Seven Years: Another easy going song, a common theme with this album. The song describes a little girl living her life and how she has no problems. It reminds of the idea children being innocent. Kind of sad.

3) Cold Cold Heart: This song has some really great lyrics. It’s about how a previous relationship has made her current relationship a bit of struggle. I like it a lot. I enjoy the piano solo 2/3 of the way through. The bass throughout is so clutch.

4) Feelin’ The Same Way: This song is about how often times we lose ourselves and some how manage to “find” ourselves again. This song’s alright, in my opinion. Not much else to say.

5) Come Away With Me: Being the title track, I’m hoping this one will be a good one. I think Norah delivers as well. You can hear her country influence in her voice throughout this song (if you couldn’t before). The idea of running away with your loved one to a secluded area where all that matters is each other (awwww).

6) Shoot The Moon: Norah sings about her summer fling and how her mate would not continue. Kind of boring song.

7) Turn Me On: I like this song a lot. Very relaxing and the piano really makes it. Sounds like beautiful blues to me. “My glass is waiting for some fresh ice cubes, I’m just sitting here waiting for you, To come on home and turn me on”. Nice.

8 ) Lonestar: The topic at hand is about how a “star” shines on Norah and I’m assuming brings the best out of her. But that star is no where to be found. It continues with the folk, blues sound; I don’t know, a bit boring to me.

9) I’ve Got To See You Again: A very jazzy, Spanish influenced song. When I say Spanish, you can hear it in the piano; slow, but a quiet spirit. I like this song a lot. Not so much the lyrics, but I can get over that.

10) Painter Song: I feel like I’m listening to a female Jack Johnson when I hear the first 45 seconds of this song. Then the piano kicks in and adds to the song. I love the accordion (I believe?). “I’d climb inside the skies to be with you”.

11) One Flight Down: Eh. I felt like I’ve heard the same song. Just not feeling it (at least at this moment). Good song, but eh.

12) Nightingale: There’s two ways to look at this song. One is she’s talking to a bird and that’s just weird. Or she’s talking to a bird and curious of it’s path and what it’s been through. Your choice? Musically, this song is weird. The drums are this odd inconsistent pattern.

13) The Long Day Is Over: We’ve all felt this way. This song is easy to relate too. Sounds like the type of song I would want to listen to after a long day. Relaxing, slow, great mesh of all instruments.

14) The Nearness of You: I always enjoy the last song of an album. It’s like they say: strong intro, strong conclusion. Ms. Jones takes those words to heart and concludes beautifully. Slow, fireside, piano song.

There was a point while listening to this album that I was thinking, another song that sounds the same. But, the beauty of this album is how she was able to blend her soft voice within every song. A reason why a lot of people enjoy Radiohead is Thom Yorke’s ability to make his voice an instrument, not necessarily a separate entity. I think Norah Jones does a great job of doing the same. Worth a listen in my books, especially during my favorite season, Spring.

mp3: {Come Away With Me}

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