Patrick Wolf – The City

I feel like this post should have fireworks shooting off of it. Or maybe a confetti effect. Lasers? Maybe just some bombastic sunglasses? Patrick Wolf isn’t an artist I know much about. I know he’s got a following, isn’t “small-time” at all and I should probably have listened to him by now. I haven’t and after “The City” I’m not sure why.

In browsing blogs, it’s become apparent that reverb-laden, psuedo lo-fi acts are the big thing. So I wasn’t expecting the blasting horns, crashing drums, and banging piano that open up “The City.” I’m not a fan of 80’s music, but I would be if it all sounded like this. It’s flamboyant in the fun, unironic way that Elton John and Wham! were. It’s wonderfully catchy and unabashedly celebratory.

If you’re not at least wanting to sing along by the finale, I’m inclined to think that pop music may not be for you.

Won’t let this city destroy our love!

Patrick Wolf – The City {download} (rightclick>saveas…)

(via I Guess I’m Floating)

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