[Must Listen] TV on the Radio – Killer Crane

Here it is, the first fully-certified, knocked-me-off-my-feet Must Listen of 2011. It’s preemptive, as Nine Types of Light leaked only today. It’s out April 12th and if you’re a fan of anything we’ve put up here, I fully fully recommend it.

“Killer Crane” is reminiscent of my favorite song from TV on the Radio’s 2008 album, Dear Science, called “Family Tree.” They have a penchant for upbeat, fast-paced music, but when they strip and slow things down, they can create some of the most gorgeous, elegant compositions on the scene. TV on the Radio have had masterful control of their sound since their entire career and “Killer’s Crane’s” airy, calm opening only cements that. There’s a piano letting chords ring, a slight acoustic guitar strum, and a strange plucking instrument. In comes Kyp Malone’s voice:

“After the reign
of Killer Crane
After a rainbow.”

Let it take you away.

“Sunshine, I saw you through a hanging vine…”

TV on the Radio – Killer Crane

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2 Responses to [Must Listen] TV on the Radio – Killer Crane

  1. Leah T. says:

    This track is absolutely beautiful.

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