Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks

If you think the picture of Childish Gambino looks a lot like Donald Glover, you’re not going crazy, he is Donald Glover. The comedian and actor, best known for the NBC show Community and the youtube skits that are Derrick Comedy, has continued to show his artistic ability by he entering the rap game. If you know Donald Glover from his stand-ups or shows, it takes a little while to take him seriously, but trust me he deserves to be treated like a serious rapper.

I heard of Mr. Glover’s alter ego through one of my roommates. One day he told us about an artist his cousin told him about, we are all pretty big community fans, and he was like you have to listen to this dude. Childish Gambino has flow. More flow than most rappers. Don’t look past him because of his comic nature, his music is no joke. His word play is amazing. If you give him a chance you will love his music.

“Freaks and Geeks” is a tribute to his clique. The man knows he is perceived as one when it comes to rapping, and more power to him.  Do what you do best and don’t try to change it. He is freakish when it comes to his lyrics though. I mean who thinks to say something like E.E. Cummings on her face, now thats poetry in motion. Not many rappers would mention a poet like E.E., let alone use it to give a song sexual innuendo. You can find lines like these throughout the song and his other tracks, showing his capability with the pen. He sounds a little bit like Wayne and his lyrics are extremely sexual but he is a rapping beast. The beat is produced by Ludwig Goransson, who composes for Community. As good as Gambino is, he wouldn’t sound half as good without this beat. Mr. Goransson is an extremely talented producer, this team could go a long way in the rap game.

You can also check out a remix from Star Slinger here:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Iamdonald’s a full time job

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