Mac Miller

So, my last post was about some guy that dissed Mac Miller. But since I never made a post on Mac Miller, here we go.

Mac Miller is a rapper from Pittsburgh. Signed by Rostrum Records, same label that found Wiz Khalifa, he’s already four mixtapes (maybe more) deep. He was recently was a part of XXL Magazine’s Freshmen Class of the Year. I would recommend listening to K.I.D.S. (Kickin’ Incredibly Dope S***) and Best Day Ever. A lot of times, he raps about the same themes: the high life, chillin’ with his homies, and women. But there are a couple gems out there that show what this kid (he’s only 19) brings to the table. On his latest tape, Best Day Ever, a song that stands out is ‘I’ll Be There’ featuring Phonte from Little Brother. A popular theme in hip hop, Mac shouts out to his mother and all that she has done. A couple notable ‘mom’ songs would be ‘Hey Mama‘ by Kanye and ‘Dear Mama‘ by 2pac. Check out the song and then go download his mixtapes here. Good stuff to listen to.

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