The Lam – That’s All He Wrote (Notorious B.I.G. x Joe Harnell)

I normally would shy away from posting the same artist so quickly. I featured Aaron Lam, aka THE LAM, just two posts ago, but I’ll be damned if this one doesn’t warrant a post all its own, too. Lam’s a Canadian producer/photographer/designer out of Victoria and his biggest crime is that he’s only got three songs on his Soundcloud.

Mash-ups are a pretty popular thing in music right, especially if my inbox is any indication. Mostly, they’re used to make tracks more “dancey” and “bumpin’.” Lam’s best asset is the way he twists songs to  actually make them better. Biggie’s “Suicidal Thoughts” is no light song, but its original beat doesn’t quite accentuate the lyrical tones the way Lam’s version does. Doing away with the not-so-well-aged “skit” aspect and the haunting sample of the original for the dramatic piano of “The Lonely Man.” The sample stems from the Hulk film of all things and its a great find, as it imbues Biggie’s verses with a cinematic flair. Proof that a good mashup is in its combination, Lam made a great, sad beat to stick under a great, sad verse.

It might be a little obnoxious for me to feature the same guy twice, but he’s doing something unique and doing a damn good job of it. By choosing to mash up tracks that really highlight the strengths of one  another instead of focusing on making them fun to dance to, he’s really marked out a great little niche for himself. Of course, it helps that he does it exceptionally well.

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