Eureka Birds – That Mountain is a Volcano

Eureka Birds have a great name. This is a fact that I think few people could contest. I’m not exactly sure what a Eureka Bird would be, but the vague idea that I do have seems to perfectly represent what this band sounds like. That is, light-hearted pop with a bit of a downer attitude.

This kind of light-hearted sentiment is shown best in the lead single of the band’s newest Euerka! EP, “That Mountain is a Volcano.” The name alone incites a curious chuckle, though there’s a dark sentiment to its implications. The track’s catchy, with airy vocals  on the chorus and a smokey rhythm on the verses. You can nab the EP for free (or donate a bit to the group) from the group’s bandcamp. Just click the header and it’ll lead you there.

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