The Lam – Stick Up Kids (Wu Tang x Nina Simone)

A good producer can make a song sound good. A good DJ can make old sounds sound fresh and turn you onto tracks you never knew existed. “Feeling Good” is a pretty old standard. I’ve heard it in a lot of different forms, from Muse’s version to Buble’s, it’s been all over. Of course, none of them hold a candle to the legendary Nina Simone and her version takes the cake. And I can thank Canadian producer/photographer/designer Aaron Lam, aka The Lam for that.

He twists the track around into a great beat and puts Wu Tang’s classic “C.R.E.A.M.” over top of it. “Stick Up Kids” is a perfect example of the mash-up done right, from the elegant jazz intro to the great beat and the horn solo coda, it’s all quality.

Lam’s pretty small-time and unfortunately you can no longer download “Stick Up Kids” from his Soundcloud. It’s a track worth the listen though and he’s an artist worth the attention.

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