The Deloreans – American Craze

The state to our south is putting out some good music. Case in point: The Deloreans. This group out of Louisville, KY has some balls. And not just because they’re making great powerpop. Adopting a band name used by several 80’s cover bands takes some guts.  (Googling ‘The Deloreans’ gets you about three of them before you hit these guys).

But then, The Deloreans are further proof that there is little in a name.

this is the album cover. we post them sometimes.

American Craze is the band’s sophomore release. It dropped a  couple months ago to some solid blog buzz, though the band seems to have stayed in the blogosphere mostly. And here we are contributing to that fact. There’s no real way to get around it: these guys deserve a whole lot more attention. While other indie bands are draping reverb all over their vocals to the point of being unintelligible, hiding behind buzzing guitars, and throwing in massive walls of sound, The Deloreans are upfront. They’re unarguably pop but you can’t say they don’t rock.

I’ve had “Buffalo” rattling around my library for a while now and I simply never got around to the album itself. In fact, I had to actually burn myself out on “Buffalo” to move on to the album as a whole. I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or not. Should you make a single so good no one bothers to move past it to the album? Well, that’s a question for the band, I’m just here for the music.

Other album highlights include the awesomly-loungey opener “Gatsby,” and the awesomely loungey “Intermission: Thanks Y’all!” Both are throwbacks to the languid quality of early sixties easy listening and pull the conceit off wonderfully. “Non” is a great, dynamic track that’s simultaneously soothin’ and bumpin’. The quality of production is excellent throughout the album, at times reaching a gorgeous, cheesy quality ala old Disney scores. In particular, check out the closer, “Dear” for some absolutely astounding production.

Simply, these guys have a sound entirely their own. Their influences aren’t the kind seen in modern pop. Indie or not, these guys are special.

The Deloreans – Buffalo
{download} (rightclick>saveas…)

Stream the whole album:

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