The Antlers Perform Burst Apart for NPR’s SXSW Showcase

The Antlers created one hell of a heart-wrenching album in 2009’s Hospice. The intensity of the album’s emotion, it’s stark intimacy and sense of personal attachment made it jarring to see played live–indeed, it was almost hard to believe it was made by more than one person. Click the banner to buy it if you haven’t already. Truly, it was a work of art.

But it also presents the conundrum of a followup. It’s one I’ve been curious about for a while, but in an incredible act of bravery they played the whole thing live and then had NPR throw it up on the internet for the masses. The album, called Burst Apart, isn’t due out until May. I preordered the album  in good faith before hearing it as a part of a bundle over at, though after listening it seems like a good value purchase.

Antlers frontman Pete Silberman clearly has a great ear for melody and sound. Hospice had absolutely incredible production and it looks as though Burst Apart will, too. Their concert sounds absolutely great. It seems as though they’ll be following up on their previous sound: epic, grandiose, personal, and oddly catchy.

Listen to Burst Apart live from SXSW, courtesy of NPR.

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