Sleeper – Counting Cavemen

We get a lot of DJ mixes, remixes, mash-ups, and reinterpretations here at MCWN. I can’t say why this is, though I like to think that its the result of a lot of bright-eyed start ups who have found the tech and software to DJ. Certainly there’s a preconception of “ease” lingering around the medium. After all, it’s mostly just using other people’s work and there’s not really a whole lot of artistic input on the DJ right?

Wrong. And to prove it, you need look no further than one DJ: Sleeper. Creating a seven-part, 155 minute epic of a mashup mix is no small feat. To make it interesting to listen to end-to-end is even more impressive.  And to make it infectiously danceable? Seemingly impossible. Yet, Sleeper managed to do it with his his project Counting Cavemen.

Based loosely around the premise of Cavemen, their growth, development, rise, and fall. The seven chapters are: Guitar, Pimp, Love, Dance, War, God, and Heaven. Each has a different musical theme. For example, Love is based around jazz, drum & bass, and a general “smooth” quality. On top of this, every chapter is divided into subsections of smaller, tighter concepts. Of course, it all flows seamlessly so that one could, presumably, dance through the whole thing. In fact, the biggest boon of Counting Cavemen is that one could throw it on at a party and keep essentially every demographic happy for two and half hours.

Given the sheer, insane length of the work, it’s pretty intimidating to try to write about. I mean, in all honesty, I have yet to listen to the thing full-through. The solution, clearly, is throw a party.

Here’s the last chapter, Heaven:

Just go to Sleeper’s bandcamp here to download the whole thing for free!

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3 Responses to Sleeper – Counting Cavemen

  1. Koji says:

    Just listened to the whole thing and whew, this is immense. Well balanced and executed. But it has the same problems that the mash-up genre shares, mainly that its sporadic and it will have a short shelf life. Is it a dance floor filler? No, but its the perfect background music and will my go-to homework doing music for next quarter.

  2. SLEEPER says:

    wow truly honored for the post/write-up/love!

    here’s the final trailer that i just wrapped up for Cavemen,
    all the chapters in 4 minutes!

  3. SLEEPER says:

    thank you guys so much!

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