B-Movie Lightning – Take Yourself to the City

I’m not sure how people find this blog, in all honesty. We’re a very small outfit here. Because of that, we’re thankfully not overwhelmed by press emails. The ones that we do get, we’re always extremely thankful for. It also lets us listen to almost everything, even if we’ve never heard of anything the artist has done.

Such is the case with Michael Smalle, the man behind B-Movie Lightning. His other outfit is called Cane 141, though I can’t say I know anything about that. In fact, I’m not even sure that the picture above is Mike Smalle. What I do know is mostly what’s in the short press release I got from him: he dropped a single last year called “Triple Trouble” last year, he’s releasing an EP with “Take Yourself to the City” and 3 remixes, and B-Movie Lightning has an album dropping in April on Micropolis. And in an awesome example of the power of the internet, he comes out of Galway, Ireland.

As for the song itself? Well, if you like Stars, you’ll recognize the influence. “Take Yourself to the City”is  electronic pop at its most refined. The remixes included on the EP are also worth mentioning, as they’re all excellent–excellent enough that I’m cluttering up my page with soundclouds so more people will listen to them. So listen to the original and if you like it, check the remixes and make sure to watch out for the album come April.

You can buy the EP at B-Movie Lightning’s bandcamp.

B-Movie Lightning – Take Yourself to the City

Frenchie Remix 1:

Linda Buckley Remix:

Frenchie Remix 2:

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