Sleepless in Seattle: Grynch

This very second, one of my best friends is in one American city I really want to go visit: Seattle, Washington (lucky son of a gun). I’ve mentioned a rapper from Seattle (Macklemore) and now I’m here to present to you another one. Grynch has been on my radar for a couple years. Similar to J. Cole, I discovered him on a (2)Dope to Sleep On post by the blog legends (LOL) Shake & Meka. His rhyme scheme is on point, along with good productions, makes a lot of his songs enjoyable. His second album, My Second Wind is worth a listen. I thoroughly enjoy it, but I like hip-hop more than the average indie music listener (you). He recently (like last night) released a Free EP for the internets to do whatever they choose with it. I haven’t personally listened to it yet, but based off of his past work, I doubt it will disappoint. If you go to, you can find more media on yet another great emcee from my favorite West Coast city (that I’m yet to visit). A couple songs you all may like include Peer Pressure, My Volvo, Summertime, & That’s Hip-Hop (I can’t find links for the last two b/c this new firefox beta is being really annoying). Enjoy.

Time (Free EP)

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One Response to Sleepless in Seattle: Grynch

  1. Kilo P says:

    Grynch definitely does a nice job on the mic, although his production doesn’t always grab my attention. I haven’t heard My Second Wind so I’ll check that out before looking at this EP.

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