Robin Pecknold – 3 New Solo Songs

Robin Pecknold probably draws a lot of comparisons to other musicians, but none of them have ever felt quite right to me. My reaction is usually just “He’s Robin Pecknold, what more do you want?” The guy has a great voice, and incredible sense of melody and heads up one of the most-loved indie bands currently active. I was lucky enough to catch him open for Joanna Newsom and its a safe bet that the guy could easily be a solo acoustic act on his own and be perfectly well set.

Fleet Foxes’ album may be coming in May, but Pecknold graced us with three solo tracks today via twitter. I slept through this little news announcement, but thankfully a friend and the wonders of social media ensured that I saw it. And boy, am I thankful.

Like everything else the man does, Pecknold’s three songs are exceedingly beautiful. Of course, coupling himself with Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, another frontman of a much-loved indie band who has a great voice, it’s hard not to be a little gleeful. “I’m Losing Myself” is my favorite of the three, achieving a sort of modern-day Simon and Garfunkel feeling, but be sure to check them all out.

mp3s: (rightlclick>saveas..)
{I’m Losing Myself | Derwenter StonesWhere is My Wild Rose}

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