One Year Old!!

Middleclasswhitenoise is a year old!

It felt appropriate to do a post marking the occasion, but in all honesty I’m not quite sure what more to do here. Do we have a clip show? A Greatest Hits? Some sort of mix with a birthday theme? Perhaps we should make a speech full of vague generalities about how we’ll continue to post quality content while maintaining our “distinct brand of flavor?”  Or maybe just a slideshow set to Green Day’s “Good Riddance?” Should it be sentimental or celebratory?  Wait, shouldn’t you be giving us something? You didn’t forget did you?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

When I started this site, it wasn’t meant to be anything but a means to share music with my friends because I was seeing less of them. After I learned that a lot of them didn’t bother to read it, I wasn’t sure what to do.  I wandered around a lot, did some things I’m not proud of, made some mistakes, made myself over a few times. But evenetually I got back on track, got some friends (Arv and Nikhil) to help out and we’ve been going strong since.

We’re a pretty big outfit here recently. Through a strange twist of fate, we’re now on HypeMachine–something I didn’t even know existed when I started the site–and getting tens and dozens of hits every day! So if you’ve been with us the whole year (or just before January), you can hipster-out and tell everyone we were better before we were ‘part of the system’ and we ‘sold-out.’ How exciting!

All that said, quality content is our foremost concern here, as is accessibility. (As evidenced by this long, self-indulgent post.) We’ve introduced a lot of features and dropped a lot of features over the past year, but hopefully kept the good music flowing in spite of it all. We’ve redesigned the site at least twenty times, finally settling on where we are.

If you’ve sent us music over the past year, we thank you sincerely. If it sucked and we didn’t post it, sorry. Please don’t send us anymore unless you get better. We appreciate the effort, though.  If it was awesome, we thank you even more and hope you continue to send us free, legal, awesome music.

It’s been a good ride building the site up from its small, humble beginnings. I’m sure it happens everyday, but it’s something special when it’s your own. Like baby that wasn’t the result of a surprise pregnancy. Or a child that wasn’t adopted.

The outlet that this blog has provided has been great for me and though I can make no definite statements on my collaborators, I’m sure they feel the same way. It’s lead to the discovery of scores of great, unknown bands for us. And hopefully for you too. Unless you’ve stumbled here accidentally and are just reading this because its better than that term paper you have to write. If that’s the case, we welcome you to our site but you really should probably get that paper done. Of course, if our site ends up distracting you and you don’t get it done, perhaps you could mention it to your professor? Or the rest of your class?

Anyway, here’s to another year!*

mp3s: {Celebration | All the Wine | Wish Me Well | Home | Love You | Forever Begins | The Best is Yet to Come} (rightclick>saveas..)

*commence champagne-popping

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One Response to One Year Old!!

  1. arvyj says:

    Happy Birthday by The Beatles…

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