Anni Rossi – Land Majestic

I originally found Anni Rossi through a random click. Her song at the time was “Crushing Limbs.” I loved it, threw it up on this blog and somehow forgot to put it on my year-end list. At the time, her album Heavy Meadow was due out July 13, 2010 on 4AD. Confusingly, it ended up being a self-release in September and is now due out in physical formats May 2nd of this year on 3 Syllable Records. In all of this mess, I somehow never got a hand on her album, a mistake I’ll surely have to rectify very soon.

In celebration, 3 Syllables is releasing a new single as a free download. “Land Majestic” and its B-Side, “These Arms of Mine,” are both great, though they lack the pop immediacy of “Crushing Limbs,” which I’ll include again in this post (just to get this album that much more attention). Anni Rossi seems to have found a unique sound that isn’t quite straight pop, but is still infectious and easy to hear. Maintaining a particular level of depth while having great pop sensibilities is no easy feat, but Rossi pulls it off like a champ. In particular, the B-Side is an Otis Redding cover that is simply wonderful. Rossi has a great voice that gets its due on this track.

Anni Rossi – Land Majestic and These Arms of Mine

mp3s: {Land Majestic | These Arms of Mine} (rightclick>saveas..)

Anni Rossi – Crushing Limbs {download} (rightclick>saveas..)

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