Pollution Salute

“Ambient pop” isn’t a phrase used to describe music very often, but it fits well with Pollution Salute, aka Michael Fay. His new album, Gum Drums comes out March 8th on the hyper-indie Arizona label, Lost Tribe Sound. His debut, Neon, which was released earlier this year can also be snatched from them.

The music itself covers a lot of ground between pure ambient to hypnotic, driven rhythms. This is nowhere else as clearly seen as on album-opener “I Found My Electricity,” which kicks off with slow drones but once the drums kick in, the song changes form entirely.

The same happens with “Filled Pipe with Half Pipe,” though it’s much less driven and more mellow. The entirely instrumental track is my favorite of the three I received. Fay could probably have been an excellent purely-electronic composer and I would have been happy, as the sounds that layer over this track are truly inspired.

The last song has the best name easily. It’s simply entitled “Wake Up! We’re Getting Sushi” and its much more of a traditional ambient track, with layered drones and a distant piano underlying it all. If you dig anything by Stars of the Lid, it’s hear that you’ll probably find the best track.

Pollution Salute – I Found My Electricity

I Found My Electricity

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