Glyphs – On & On

Glyphs are a duo out of Brixton that make electronic pop. “On & On” starts up with just handclaps and their voices. It could easily turn into any kind of sound, from acoustic indie pop (which I can’t help but think) to the electronic pop that it actually ends up as. It’s an enjoyable little pop diddy, with some great synth hooks and an infectious little beat.

The duo just released a free six song EP on their bandcamp, which you can check out here. The rest of the songs are more hit and miss than “On & On,” being much more electronic than pop. It’s free though and you can’t argue with that price. It’s worth checking out.

Glyphs – On & On {download} (righclick>saveas…)

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One Response to Glyphs – On & On

  1. Tommy says:

    me gusta

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