[New] The Dodos – Don’t Stop

Any day that has a new Dodos track is a good day in my book. While I wasn’t that impressed with the last track they released for their upcoming LP, No Color, “Don’t Stop” sounds like a great return to form for the (once-again) duo. Full of the frenetic finger-picking of Meric Long and the excellent rhythmic drum taps of Logan Kroeber, it sounds like the new album might be a proper sequel to the excellent Visiter. I was pretty disappointed by Time to Die and it’s great to hear. Hell, they even brought back their old producer.

“Don’t Stop” does mix up their sound a bit, kicking off with a much more ‘rootsier’ guitar line than they’ve ever done, as well as a lot of additional elements like droning electric guitars and a tinking piano to flesh out the song’s feel. It’s great to hear the Dodos again and I can only hope the rest of No Color has this kind of energy.

The Dodos – Don’t Stop {download} (rightclick>saveas..)

via Stereogum

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2 Responses to [New] The Dodos – Don’t Stop

    this song is amazing.

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