[Mix] Another Late Night from MCWN

One for the insomniacs.

Made up of mostly ethereal, textural electronic tracks, it’s the perfect mix for those early mornings. When lights are dots in the world and your mind is your kindest companion. There’s the slight downtempo, the dark electro jam, the soft acoustic, the slow guitar jam. The classic sounds are there courtesy of some great artists.

Downloads after the jump:

Download the zip {here}.

  1. The Seven Fields of Apehlion – Mountain Mary {mp3}
  2. Jon Hopkins – Vessel {mp3}
  3. Arc of Doves – Megapolis {mp3}
  4. Moving Units – Until She Says (Knight Stalker Remix) {mp3}
  5. METACOMET – Dead Man {mp3}
  6. Yuna – Decorate {mp3}
  7. Revolver – Birds in Dm {mp3}
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