David’s Lyre – In Arms (and Various Remixes)

David’s Lyre is a guy with a great voice. It’s got a smooth, Michael Buble-esque quality to it (a comparison I’m drawing only because I had to sit through 10 minutes of Buble during my breakfast today). That isn’t meant to be anything but a compliment. It’s an easy, fluid voice that swings with the music under it. That’s where the Buble comparisons end, though. I am only mentioning it because it’s what holds together all the different remixes I’m about to throw at you.

David’s Lyre’s actual music is a bit of an enigma. Take “In Arms” for example. There’s his voice, of course, but then there’s this incredibly interesting music under it. It’s a bit hard to describe because it goes all over the place. It’s not challenging or difficult, it’s simply that there’s a lot of it. There’s a this great horn section that carries under it, electronic bits and pieces of texture, a banging piano. The best I can describe it is Menomena with a slight electronic bent fused with Buble’s style of singing. Really, just listen to the track.

In Arms

The first remix is a version that takes “In Arm’s” vocals and puts them under an entirely string arrangement courtesy of the Iskra String Quartet. I love any sort of orchestral arrangement in a song and this one delivers.

In Arms (Iskra String Quartet Version)

The last remix is a remix in the more traditional sense. The “(Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club) Remix)” version does what a good remix should do: it plays with the original and bends it into a new, original shape while maintaining the identity of the source material. Of the three, this is probably my favorite, though that’s of course subject to change.

David’s Lyre – In Arms (Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club) Remix) {download} (rightclick>saveas..)

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