Eric Lau – Star Trekking

Stolen from is this track from London producer Eric Lau. With a name like “Star Trekking” you kinda have to expect spacey production and it’s what you end up getting. I think instrumental hip-hop is an entirely underrepresented field for the breadth of what you can do with it, so it’s always good to see an artist take on the field without an MC. “Star Trekking” doesn’t necessarily demand your attention but, like the field of ambient music, it can operate as both an active listen and a passive one. That duality of experience draws me towards instrumental hip hop and Lau’s work seems to be perfect for it.

“Star Trekking” is the first single from his upcoming album, Quadrivium, coming out on the 25th on Kilawatt.

Eric Lau – Space Trekking {download} (rightclick>saveas…)

You can check out more of his stuff and the concept of his creative process from this video. He seems like a smart dude and the video makes for a very interesting watch.

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