Pale Sketcher – The Rainy Season (Original Mix)

Pale Sketcher is Justin K Broadrick. Known primarily for heavy music–appearing in grindcore and metal bands in the eighties. Reemerging in 2002 as the head of metal outfit Jesu, a group with a heavy, shoegaze wall of sound. Pale Sketcher is his most recent foray and is nothing like the aforementioned bands and sounds. An electronic project, Pale Sketcher maintains a heavy feel throughout the recent Seventh Heaven EP, using smokey textures and hard hitting drums. It avoids being oppressive thankfully and is at times even ethereal. It’s not a happy release by any means, maintaining a cold, robotic feel until the final track when it lifts itself up.  It’s the perfect thing for late nights alone. The perfect thing for me.

Pale Sketcher - Seventh Heaven EP

It’s an EP worth picking up in its own right, though it’s heavy electronic sound is very unlike the stuff we normally feature here, it’s easy to see most people digging it. It dropped only five days ago via Ghostly International (another label I’ll have to do a bit of a focus on sometime).

The Rainy Season” is the EP’s second track and it’s name is a bit of a misnomer. Built on breakbeat drums, the key to this track is the atmosphere it creates. Layered guitars echo out over the rhythm while Broadrick’s empyreal vocals come over it all. The melody here is less obvious, though achingly beautiful nonetheless.

You can also check out the EP’s title track at Stereogum {here.}

Pale Sketcher – The Rainy Season {download}

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One Response to Pale Sketcher – The Rainy Season (Original Mix)

  1. Kilo P says:

    Hmm, not bad. The beginning of the track reminded me of some of his work as Final (particularly on the album 3). Oddly enough this track also reminds me of a lot of some tracks off of King Of Limbs… I’ll check out the rest of the EP.

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