Floating Points Ensemble – Post Suite

Continuing their streak of excellent output, Ninja Tune comes in with Floating Points Ensemble. Originally released on their 20 year anniversary set, Ninja Tune XX, as exclusive tracks, the two songs “Post Suite” and “Almost in Profile” were recently released on a double A-side 10″. Credit goes to my roommate for finding these guys; he’s normally more of a technohead and it surprised me for him to be listening to stuff like this.

Floating Points Ensemble is coming out with an album on Ninja Tune soon. Led by Sam Shepard a.k.a. Floating Points, a classically trained musician and cofounder of Eglo Records, FPE’s two tracks are full of calm organs, elegant string arrangements and a relaxed, mellow feel. Think Cinematic Orchestra and you’d be fairly on the money. Fatima contributes vocals.

Post Suite” is all class. Something about this song just feels cool. It brings up so many images of relaxed, smooth nightlife. The kind of life that Vodka commercials always try to capture. The kind where everyone wears tailored suits and black ties. The kind of life without the riff-raff and maybe with a good drink. And, always, good music.

Floating Points Ensemble – Post Suite

Buy it {here}

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