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As you may have noticed, the recent few posts here at middleclasswhitenoise have contained at the top, a picture with the artist’s name. We’re hoping to make this a new constant throughout the new year. I realize most of you won’t read this post, but I swear it’s a good idea. So, without further ado:

The introduction of Artist’s Headers:

The purpose of these headers is simple and twofold:
1) It helps give the blog a unifying visual theme. Although it isn’t yet as clearly defined as I’d like it to be, I plan to experiment with it until I find something I find that I like. In essence, they will follow the same idea as the site header.
2) It gives you, the reader, less excuse not to buy the excellent music we put up here. Each Artist’s Header will link to the artist’s iTunes page or at least some avenue through which you can buy the artist’s music. Go ahead, click the Beatles example up above. So no excuses, support the artists you like here. Buy their music.

While I do believe this is a good idea from a purely utilitarian point of few, I would appreciate any comments. If you think it’s obnoxious, let me know. If you like it, let me know. The voice unheard is the voice unknown, after all.

(These headers use the font homeblock by Sebastian Wießner, also used elsewhere throughout the site.)
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One Response to [Blog Info] Artist’s Headers

  1. Renegade Spark says:

    Obnoxious it certainly is not. Anything to promote our artists and raise awareness is fine and dandy, if you were plastering adverts for major online music stores then maybe people would have cause to complain but I see noubt wrong with using an image.

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