Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High

Archietcture in Helsinki is one of those bands that I just never got into. Yeah, I’d heard a few of their tracks and yeah, they were alright but something about the sound just didn’t hit me. Even the first minute of “Contact High” took me a while to get used to. After a few listens, though, I have to say it’s a great track all the way through. I can be an easy victim of bubblegum pop when it’s done right and “Contact High” has it to the brim. Not to mention a huge ’80’s Devo vibe going on. This track shouldn’t work as well as it does. Or at the very least, I shouldn’t like it as much as I do.

They’ve got an album coming out in May, called Moment Bends. It seems I’ll have to check it out after such an infectious, easygoing single as this track. It’s short, it’s upbeat, and just fun.

Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High {download}

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