Eyes Lips Eyes – Elect

Eyes Lips Eyes has consistently been one of my favorite discoveries since starting this blog. (It helps that they’ve been kind enough to feature us on their website). It’s hard not to respect a band that opts to release multiple singles each month  in lieu of an album and the fact that Eyes Lips Eyes has been able to keep such a high level of quality is simply astounding.

“Elect” is surprising for them, forgoing the indie dance punk sound for a mellow acoustic vibe. I was completely taken aback at not only how different it was, but how good it was. After you listen to a band a while, you naturally get used to a sound from them. When they eschew that sound for an entirely different it’s rare that it works as well as “Elect” does. February’s B-Side, it could have easily been the main single.

The track continues the band’s instrumental virtuosity; instead of their normally compelling basslines, there’s an elegant acoustic guitar line, finger-picked to perfection. Tony Hello adopts a soothing voice, someone plays a mandolin, and there’s an air-organ in there. It’s all easy, it’s all wonderful and it’s a testament to their range. It’s the kind of song you’d expect to be in the middle of a folk group’s sophomore release, the kind reserved for the fans of the album, not just the songs. The kind reserved for the collectors that pick up the B-Sides and rarities. It’d be easy to miss if it were surrounded by other tracks but with Eyes Lips Eyes’ revolutionary album-less approach, it’s easy to find and it’s a stand-out gem.

Now if only they’d come to Ohio.

You can pick this song up for free if you just ‘Like’ them on Facebook and go to their BandPage, so check it out!

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