Tinashé – Zambezi (Mbira version)

The always-excellent And Pluck Your Strings gets credit for this absolutely beautiful find. Sitemaster Lachy was good enough to rip an mp3 of this video, so be sure to click that link and check it out.

I don’t think African music has ever quite gotten it’s due in the world. Sure, Paul Simon played with it on Graceland, but it’s always seen as a bit of a novelty. Tinashé’s work serves as a fusion between traditional African instrumentation and modern pop sensibilities. If this video is any indication, the dude’s got some serious talent.

His debut album Saved dropped last year. I haven’t checked it out yet, but according to Lachy it’s more Western sounding than this video might indicate. I can’t imagine that someone with a video like this isn’t worth looking into, though.

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