Talib Kweli: BK’s Finest

Ironic for me to say this, considering I love Jay-Z, but Talib Kweli is truly Brooklyn’s finest emcee. The borough of NYC is home to Biggie, Jigga, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane, O.D.B. , and countless others. If I were a rapper, I would want to be from BK; just seems like the coolest borough. That said, Talib Kweli is the best out of all of them because he is what hip hop has labeled as a ‘conscious rapper’, meaning he raps about what’s going on in the world, specifically the ‘hood. Or you could say he doesn’t degrade women, talk about how much weight he’s pushing, or anything else that most rappers talk about in their rhymes.

Talib is different because of his wealth of knowledge he brings to the table with his rhymes. I mean, anybody that can shout out to The Beatles and Star Wars in one song, you know is dope. There a lot of Talib songs I enjoy listening to. I haven’t even divulged into what is considered his best album, Reflection Eternal (this album was created with producer Hi-Tek) or his album with Mos Def, Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star. The guy has a discography most could only wish for.

He recently released his 4th solo album, Gutter Rainbows. From what I’ve heard, Talib picks beats that are quite different than what you usually hear from him, especially since his last album Eardrum. I highly recommend listening to this album as well as his older stuff because this is one rapper that deserves more credit. Like what on earth is matter with our world when people think it’s a good idea to headline Black Eyed Peas during the Superbowl? I would never in hell expect them to pick Kweli for that, but y’all need to listen to this guy’s music more than you ever listen to Black Eyed Peas. Damn. I’ll leave you with arguably his most popular song and for damn good reason.

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One Response to Talib Kweli: BK’s Finest

  1. Kilo P says:

    After one listen all the way through, here’s where I put this album out of what I have heard (including Black Star and Reflection Eternal)

    1. Black Star
    2. Reflection Eternal/Train of Thought
    3. Quality
    4. Eardrum
    5. Gutter Rainbows
    6. The Beautiful Struggle
    7. Revolutions Per Minute

    Very polished production, a little too clean for me at times. He’s still great on the mic but I feel like a lot of these tracks were more pop than hip hop. And as for BK’s finest…GZA was born in Brooklyn…case closed.

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