The Return of Lupe

Lupe Fiasco is the most underrated rapper of the past 10 years (who has had real shine at some point). To be honest, Nikhil should really be the one writing about Lu because he loves him more than I do. He may not be all flashy like Jay-Z and Kanye, but he’s got flow and rhymes like none other. His new album Lasers is slated for March 8th. Songs have been released since late 2009 that we’re thought to be on this album, but it seems none of them will be on it (I was really hoping I’m Beamin’ would be on there). We can only hope that Atlantic Records doesn’t push it back (again).

His second single from the album is called Words I Never Said featuring the lovely Skylar Grey. She’ll get her own post soon, promise. This song is Lupe at his finest: talkin’ about the world and what’s wrong with it. He always has his dark tracks and I think it’s a side of hip hop we may not see, especially from the conscious side of things. March 8th. Lookin’ forward to that day.

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