Lost on Purpose – A Knight at the Crossroads

You don’t judge a book by its cover. But what if a book has a cover that actually really intrigues you? It’s the benefit of the big-picture-headline design (a design I love), as in the blog that I found this gem from malleus&incus–read that post, it’s much better than mine will be. And it’s all for the benefit for Lost on Purpose’s newest album, A Knight at the Crossroads. The old-painting style of cover art isn’t a common one in today’s scene but it’s one that fits perfectly with Lost on Purpose’s sound and it’s a great way to differentiate it from everything else.

But then, focusing on the book’s cover neglects the true art of the novel.  Lost on Purpose is the moniker Will VanderWynden. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to Elliott Smith, as they hold similar vocal styles, but there’s a definite difference of tone and arrangements that help to separate VanderWynden’s work. The beautiful touches on his arrangements really help to pull him apart from the typical bedroom-kid-with-a-guitar sound. His lyrics are wonderfully written as well,

“Ice cold beers and burning sun
The river turns the old men young
But fire without a female tongue just hurts”

“How to Close” is my favorite of A Knight at the Crossroad‘s eight tracks. VanderWynden really sounds like Elliott Smith on this track–that is if Elliott Smith had at one point found  some semblance of happiness. It’s a wonderfully upbeat sounding track and its surpisingly infectious for a bedroom song.

I’m definitely buying a physical copy of A Knight at the Crossroads because I’m a sucker for limited editions, good art, and just Bandcamp in general. I encourage you do the same, but if not at least tell some friends about it. This guy deserves the attention.

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