GOOD Friday:My Opinion (Part 2)

Arvind and I have decided to do a 2 part GOOD Friday list. Here is mine and you can find Arvind’s here.

1) GOOD Friday – Clearly deserving of the title that represented the whole collection. This song was by far the best. It was Big Sean’s return to actually being a good rapper. Uncle Charlie and Pusha T jump on the track, acting as an unofficial conformation of their GOOD Music signings. The song goes hard  from the beat to the verses to Kid Cudi rap/singing the chorus. The only problem I have with this song is that the others were never able to live up to its greatness.

2) Looking For Trouble – Tracks 2-4 are pretty much interchangeable for me. I decided to put this second primarily for three reasons. The beat and sample are top notch, J. Cole, and Big Sean. The two youngins tare the beat apart. The line “Its cool cause I can’t see your ass from this side of the TV motherfucker,” is one of my favorite lines from the collection.

3) Don’t Look Down – Lupe and Mos Def on one track, if only Mos had a verse instead of just the chorus. Lupe verse is great as usual. Kanye’s auto-tune is perfect for this song. I like the laid back nature of the song, it seem appropriate for Mos the jump on this track.

4) See Me Now – Kanye’s mentor, No I.D., teams up with his protege and Lex Luger to produce the beat and 2 amazing singers jump on the track with Ye. Charlie on the chorus is perfect and Beyonce on the hooks is great. Ye’s verses could have been better but I’m not complaining.

5) Christian Dior Denim Flow – This song kind of put Ryan Leslie in the spotlight for a little bit. I had never heard of the man before but when the song came out everyone was talking about the man. Everyone that lays down a verse does a good job with it. The song is the precursor to the G-Unit/GOOD Friday merger, which lasted for a couple of weeks, then was forgotten. Cudi finally gets to do something other than a chorus, for a second there it looked as if he had been relegated to chorus duty.

6) Don’t Stop – CRS’ 3rd song. At this rate it will be 10 years before there is enough songs for an unofficial mixtape but it could be a greatest hits if CRS keeps putting out this caliber of songs.

7) Christmas In Harlem – Kanye’s Merry Christmas to the world left us with an unexpected present. Teyana Taylor, whoever she is, can sing with the best of them. I don’t know about the heavy DipSet features but Teyana, Ye, and Musiq Soulchild make this song worthy of this spot. BAALLLIINNNNN.

8- The Joy – The Curtis Mayfield  sample is good but the random “Uhh” in the background followed by a siren or something like that is rather annoying. The verses, except for Jay’s, are not up to par with the other songs but they are still good. I expected more from a Pete Rock production.

9) Power (Remix) – This and The Joy seem like they will have a spot on “Watch The Throne”. This song might have been higher if I hadn’t heard the sample so much before I found this song. The beat breakdown in the middle of the song and when the piano comes in is good though. I really don’t like the beat at the end though. It was a good song for the start of the GOOD Friday series.

10) Runaway Love (Remix) – Biebs is all I can say. He has no business being on anything GOOD Music related. If you threw in someone else then I would move this up on the list.

11) Take One For The Team – My question is why is Keri Hilson on this song? I’m not saying she isn’t talented or anything cause she is extremely talented, I’m just wondering what she does for the song. Ye puts her in an awkward spot and she doesn’t fit at all. I do feel sorry for Big Sean though since he apparently has to take one for the team.

12) My Chain Heavy – For the two artists featured on this track, Talib Kweli and Consequence, Ye did not do a good job with the production. Great verses though. Plus the song reminds me of a Gucci song, Heavy, only because the song is about his chain and various things being heavy. Being compared to a Gucci song is always an insult.

13) Lord Lord Lord – Mos and Raekwon rapping together, awesome. Swizz Beatz rapping, what the fuck. That is literally the reason this song is so low and why I don’t listen to it anymore.

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