G.O.O.D. Friday: My Opinion

Here’s my list of favorite G.O.O.D. Friday songs. Opinions?

1) GOOD Friday – This is the best song for the fact of the feeling you get when you listen to it. Every Friday when I’m out of class I listen to this song and feel great. That feeling, plus Big Sean’s line of “Hold on, that’s the girl you gave a wedding ring? Man me and my niggas nutted on her everything” takes the cake.

2) See Me Now – This was the first song to be released off of this series. It was Kanye’s step back into the limelight and it did a damn good job. Lyrics on this song plus Beyonce and Charlie Wilson are on point, making this the second best song.

3) Looking For Trouble – Out of all the Good Friday songs, this one has by far the best lyrics. Every emcee on this track comes with the heat; even better is the song becomes lyrically more and more inclined from each emcee to the next. I just have to say, Cole goes in: “Ironic you’ve been sleepin’ on the the one you been dreamin’ ‘bout”.

4) Don’t Stop– The dream of a CRS album progressed one more step with this song. Considering it’s been since 2007 that we’ve heard of this project, it was nice to hear from the trio. I love the horns when Kanye comes on the track, just makes this a really solid song.

5) Lord Lord Lord – A lot of people weren’t fans of this and next song on the list. Understandable since it’s slow and all, but if you’re about to tell me the soul brother Charlie Wilson doesn’t come through in the clutch on this song, you’re crazy. Not to mention Mos and Raekwon doing the usual.

6) The Joy – At one point, this song was my favorite Good Friday song. I absolutely love Pete Rock’s production on this one. You hear Mecca & Soul Brother all over this song (good work Curtis Mayfield). Plus Jigga does his thing. Enough said, right?

7) Christmas In Harlem – A very poor version of this song leaked from Funkmaster Flex’s radio show, leaving us in anticipation for a CDQ of it. I made a previous post of this song and expressed my attitude towards Hip Hop Christmas songs. Kanye does a great job of bringing out the Holiday spirit and how on Earth could you enjoy hip hop and hate The Diplomats? Dipset all day.

8) Take One For The Team – This beat is insane. Not the usual from Yeezy, but nothing wrong with a little change. I really wish Keri Hilson was on this song more. I really enjoyed her. Besides that, song’s eh.

9) Power (Remix) – I had high expectations for this song. I remember listening to it for the first time at like 3 am and thinking, what? Kanye does destroy that last verse before the beat changes. I wish the second half of the song was its own entity.

10) Chain Heavy – Huh? Not a fan of the eerie sound on this song. Verses are on point though.

11) Don’t Look Down – Meh. Boring, Sorry Yeezy.

12) Runaway Love (Remix?) – Justin Bieber. Beat is awesome. He doesn’t deserve it though. Sorry. He’s like 15 years old. I’m a hater and proud of it.

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2 Responses to G.O.O.D. Friday: My Opinion

  1. Kilo P says:

    GOOD Friday is the best track by far man, nice pick

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