Seattle’s Macklemore

West Coast hip hop is a unique aspect of hip hop as a whole. From N.W.A. to Snoop Dogg to The Pharcyde, the West Coast has had a lot of success in the game. One city on the West Coast, which is probably the coolest city on that side of the country, always gets a snub from the mainstream hip hop fans. Seattle is home to several great rappers who just don’t get the shine they deserve. Today, I present to you Macklemore.

This artist is all about spittin’ dope rhymes but not always about himself. One song I’d like to share with you is about famous Seattle Mariner’s announcer, Dave Niehaus. Macklemore reminisces of the days of Ken Griffey Jr and Edgar Martinez, describing his nostalgia of listening to games on the radio.

There’s some uncanny connection between hip hop and sports. Usually it’s with basketball, but it’s always great to see hip hop with our national pastime.

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