The Kunx – Fuck You (FreEP)

Before the two words “fuck you” became Cee-Lo’s revival/mega hit, a little known duo out of New Orleans graced us with a free EP. Krispy and Joey, two brothers hailing from the land of gumbo, put a new twist on hip-hop bringing electronic and rock influences to their beats. They are the forefathers to Chiddy Bang mixed with 7 rap rockers named the ThunderKatz. Not only do the two brothers rap but they also are the background band for their music. The two make up the group called The Knux, a self-produced group that brings the energy that Pharrell brings with the funkadelic sounds of Outkast.

Fuck You is their first EP, they also have an album released in 2007 named Remind Me In 3 Days on Interscope. Remind Me In 3 Days shows off more of the brothers abilities to play and produce with a good mix of rock and electronic based beats. Fuck You is more of an electronic based EP. Sadly it is only 5 songs but it is a good sampling of what The Knux are all about. While the whole EP is good, three out of the five songs are incredible, “Floozy,” “Fruits,” and “Fuck You.” The EP also has an Imogen Heap “Hide and Seek” sample called “Watchu Say” which is nothing new thanks to Jason Derulo but it does have a completely different theme. The EP wasn’t meant to be based off of any love only one night stands, what happens when a man has the misfortune of meeting a trick, and when a girl ends up with a player. “Watchu Say” is The Knux’s “cautionary tale” of what a man will do to keep fucking. While “Floozy” is the other side of the story, a woman who is all about champagne, steak and shrimp, and green. Besides “Fruits,” which seems like a sad recollection of a relationship that lost the love between the man and woman, the whole album is really up beat with guitars and drums all over the beats.

The Knux – Floozy

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