G. Love – Fixin’ To Die

G. Love & Special Sauce is one of my favorite groups of all time; they’re from my hometown, play some great blues music, flat out create some great music that anyone can enjoy. Garret Dutton, or G. Love, has created a couple solo albums and over the past 7 years has been working by himself a lot.

His newest project, Fixin’ To Die, is set to be released on February 22nd. Similar to any artist who has been around for a long time, you always wonder what kind of sound to expect from upcoming projects. The main question is whether the project is going to be an attempt to replicate a previously successful project, or if a new chapter of development will be unraveled.

G. Love’s music has kind of been similar for along time. You can usually expect a solid album, but no surprises. This new album seems to be on the intriguing side, with the Avett Brothers (Scott & Seth) taking over production. I can’t lie, I only listen to one song by them. So I don’t know too much of their music, but if G. Love’s first single from this album, Fixin’ To Die, is any precursor, I expect a classic album from The City of Brotherly Love’s blues brother.

You can grab his single free here!

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