Aloe Blacc’s Take Away Show

The guys over at La Blogotheque have something of a dream job, following bands around and filming them performing under the starkest conditions–these are the Take Away Shows. Of course it helps that they’re also really, really good at their job, often getting the best versions of songs in their one-take-and-done videos.

Aloe Blacc’s a smooth guy and the 70’s feel of this first video is a perfect choice to compliment his soulful, easy swagger. “Hey Brother” is all class, but it’s the as-stripped-down-as-possible “I Need a Dollar” that really caught my attention. The studio version was close to making my 2010 year-end list, but this Take Away Show takes it all away and gives you just the song. It’s a working-man’s song and Blacc knows it. Snaps and claps and soul abound on this one.

I’m late to the party with it–the video is almost 4 months old, but I couldn’t neglect it for even a second and had to share it. His album Good Things is perfect for any fan of the 70’s Motown/funk scenes. Here’s the studio cut of “I Need a Dollar” just so I have something to give you.

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar
{download} (rightclick>saveas..)

Part 2 Below

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