All I Want Is You

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Arvind has begun to elaborate on a post I wrote when school started, about three of my favorite upcoming rhythm and blues artists, with his post about Bruno Mars’ debut album. Another artist I had mentioned was a talented singer out of Los Angeles. I first heard Miguel on some tracks he did with Blu (if you’ve read this blog before you would know Blu is one of my favorite rappers) on Blu and Exile’s Below The Heavens and a song he did with Blu and J. Dilla. Besides that Miguel seemed to drop of the map until he exploded back on the scene with a song featuring J. Cole called “All I Want Is You”, an anthem for all the guys who did their girls wrong and can’t live without them.

Miguel’s debut album shows his range of talent, from the pop infused songs to love songs to straight up sex songs (the man is very bold on this album). The album is lacking some “club bangers” and multiple “radio hits” (although “All I Want Is You” did get some steady radio play) but that does not take away from the album at all. Even the interlude “Girl With The Tattoo” shows off his amazing voice. This album almost seems like an apology to a girl that he let go and his explanation of what happened. It doesn’t move like a story but the lyrics of most of the songs are about his heartbreak, a mistake he or she made, or what he would do for the woman he had and seemed to have lost. The album is solid straight through, although it does hit a little lull after “Overload” until “My Piece” (not a major lull, the songs are still good but not as good as the others in my opinion). The first 6 songs and the last song on the album can rival any R&B release this year, which is a lot to say with the return of Bilal (Airtight’s Revenge is also worth a listen) and Bruno Mars debut (another great album). “My Piece” is by far my favorite track, I think the whole song is put together exceptionally well, from the lyrics to the woman’s voice in the chorus to the instrumental.

Without much major exposure and the fact that Miguel is based out of L.A., he is a hidden talent in the Midwest and the East Coast. Miguel may never be as big as Bruno Mars is but I ask you not to sleep on someone this talented.

My Piece

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