Calamus Root Magician Remixes Joanna Newsom

It’s no secret I love me some Joanna Newsom–in fact, I probably mention her a little too often–but still, this one’s for the books. {WeListenForYou} gets credit for this absolutely astounding find.

I can’t imagine Joanna Newsom is particularly easy to remix, but Calamus Root Musician made it work, warping her elegant harp melodies into driven, interesting beats. You probably have to know the originals to really get the astounding quality of these remixes, (and if you haven’t I can offer now higher recommendation to seek out Newsom’s entire catalog of music) but make no mistake, they’re quality beats laden with originality. Made up entirely of samples of her music (save drum additions) and snippets of her interviews, the definition of a mash of Newsom and The Books is entirely accurate.

not undo

how are you/out


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