Ladies and Gentlemen Allow Me To Reintroduce Blu

The highly anticipated return of a front runner for the top of the hipster class, Los Angeles best kept secret, and the rapper who don’t give a fuck about his fans, has begun. Blu recently went through a little musical lifestyle change, where he chose to produce for some of his homies instead of rapping on the tracks of his favorite Dj, Exile. Exile, meanwhile, found himself a new Blu, a rapper from Fresno who goes by the name Fashawn. Fashawn is talented but his debut album, Boy Meets World, will never come close to what Below The Heavens did for the west coast rap revival. But the duo of Blu & Exile will be back sometime in the future with Blu’s NoYork! LP. The LP has been in works for who knows how long (Blu’s musically gifted mind works in mysterious ways) and should bring Blu’s music back up to par with Below The Heavens. I just hope that Blu can surpass the underground masterpiece that was his debut and does not end up like Mos Def, always chasing his debut’s success. NoYork! is his major label debut.

The Sounds of VTech / Blu & The NoYork Band “EaseYourMind” live @ The Fix

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