Elk – Volleyball

I should say, before much else, that the man behind Elk, Justin Stein, chose buying a computer to make records over paying his Brooklyn rent and moved back to Michigan as a result–becoming a literal bedroom producer as a result. It was there that he made his debut LP Let’s Get Married which is due out February 15 on his own Shape Up Records. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing it and I fully recommend it. It combines a lot of different influences, from shoegaze to electronic pop and even a Phillip Glass sample that are all filtered through an umbrella tropicalia sound. If you’re feeling crimped up by winter, this album will either help or make you really want to be on a beach.

“Volleyball” is the first release from Let’s Get Married and it’s a fast, fun track. It also gives you a good idea for how dynamic the sounds on the album are.


You can also grab his earlier EP Honey Range for free from his bandcamp

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3 Responses to Elk – Volleyball

  1. kunal desai says:

    holy cow who is this guy??? both tracks are crazy good. do we have any more? longtime reader of the blog but this is a good find!

  2. Blocker says:

    Great Stuff Here! So creative and what I would call a great escape from the mundane sounds all to prevalent in the air today. Elk when can we hear and feel your sounds live? First time – long time

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